Felt Doughnuts Set II

Sunday, July 5, 2009

This is my 2nd set of Felt Doughnuts which includes Strawberry & Chocolate Cruller, Pon de Ring & Chocolate Pon De, Angel Cream and of course my favorite Old Fashion Doughnut!

Chocolate Cruller & Strawberry Cruller Doughnuts.

Original Pon de Ring & Chocolate Pon De.

Original patterns & Tutorials now available at my etsy shop Umecrafts.

Felt fabrics used to make these cakes are from Lit’l Brown Bird.


PAKY said...

Your work is incredible!! I like it so much,it's very original. Congratulations

RoxyRocks said...

Your stuff is AMAZING!!! I am so excited to find our site I have been wanting to make some felt food for X-mas but was almost 'scared' to try it but after finding your site I am really motivated!

I am going to have to get some of your patterns off Etsy....now only if the can said Coke instead of Pepis LOL

Anika said...


Just letting you know that I've awarded your Blog with a Kreativ Blog award.


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