Felt Japanese Sushi Set

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Felt Japanese Sushi Set with soyu, wasabi & ginger.

Felt Sushi Set

Sushi & rice are actually separable

Felt Ebi Sushi (Shrimp)

Felt Maguro Sushi (Tuna)

Felt Tamago Sushi (Egg)

Felt Tako Sushi (Octopus)

Felt Sake Sushi (Salmon) *My fav*

Felt Mirugai Sushi (Clam)

Felt Hotate Sushi (Scallop)

Felt rose ginger.

Dig in!!



Sadao said...

Amazing creation! This is a coolest non-edible sushi I've ever seen.

candy said...

wow! these are really cute!!


elvira said...

so cute..
and nice blog. can we xlink?

Lit'l Brown Bird said...

Hi elvira, I'd love to exchange link but am not sure how to do it. You mind gimme me some tips?

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